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Access Databases

Most small companies rely on flat file record keeping(Excell type spreadsheets)for there buisness needs. These are ok for most record types,but there is a point when a Database is needed. Access Databases offer significant advantages over a flat file type database.

In Access you have the ability to create seperate tables for differant data types, and to link these tables with special relationships(Access is a relational type database)using primary and secondary keys, and one to one and one to many relationships.

Access also has superior query and report functions,with the ability to use a swichboard to call up a report and print it with one button push. You may also use calculated queries to produce reports on value on hand of your inventory.

At Buy Design we can custom build your Database and set up your reports and queries, and also offer online updateing and maintenence. We can also import your flatfile data and use it to create custom tables.

To view a sample Database click the link below.

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